Sunday, 14 March 2010

Poetry: performances from 'Chocolate Che' by Damian Furniss filmed by Mark Barton

On Saturday February 27th 2010 I made a film with Mark Barton, a TV production MA student at University College, Falmouth.

Watching yourself never makes for comfortable viewing but with festivals demanding video footage before making a booking, it had to be done.

With six hours to make six minutes of footage, time was short. With most of the effort going into the editing, we worked with the first good take and with my mental capacity limited to learning a stanza or two at a time spliced shots using different angles, lighting effects, costumery and photographs to produce the finished piece.

It features performances of 'Chocolate Che', 'Darshan with Dalai Lama', 'Bacon Dust' and 'Che's Hands' from the book 'Chocolate Che'  more details of which can be found by following the links in the lefthand margin of this page.

'Chocolate Che' by Damian Furniss is published by  Shearsman Books on April 2nd 2010.

youtube link


  1. This is very nice with a mix of horribleness morbidity thrills of a twisted mind- but somehow rather boring - but well done entertaining. The vicemaster

  2. Great filming and like the chocolate che performance - nice shirts Lv Auntie